“My art is my message”!

It’s said “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Earth Angel 2
“The Protector” painting by Sage Boyd

But, a picture is much more than words.  Words can be limited.  Some emotions, responses, and intuitions are beyond verbal expression.  They just have to be “felt”.

My paintings are images and combinations of images that, in my mind, are metaphors.

In my seven decades of living, I have developed  opinions about living.  I have strong feelings about what we as humans are doing to each other, and all beings that live on our planet.

I believe at the heart of all these problems is a loss of spiritual values.  Our planet and society need the nurturing that love, honor, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, generosity, respect, and stewardship provide.  Greed, power, selfishness and destructive lifestyles are ruining our home, Mother Earth.

In 200 years will our planet be the beautiful blue ball floating in space? What legacy are we creating for our descendents?

As an artist, I communicate with images.  My paintings are metaphors for uplifting values that feed the soul.

Wild and Beautiful
“Wild and Beautiful” painting by Sage Boyd

Art can sometimes may take a bit of imagination to see “the message”.  After all, everyone see a work of art in a different way.  Some may see a “nice picture”, while others may experience a profound impact.  Sometimes when I am creating a painting, even I myself don’t know what the “message” is!

The “Collective Consciousness”

Karl Jung, the great psychologist and philosopher, coined the term, Collective Consciousness.

After decades of searching and learning how people who suffered thought, and how we are all more alike than not.  For instance, he found that no matter what the culture in a specific society was, there were always universal symbols that appeared in peoples’ dreams.  For example, the circle symbolizes unity in any mind.

I, like many other thinkers, believe there are values held dear in the minds, hearts, and souls of many.  These are Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Honor, Freedom, Integrity, Creativity, Beauty, and Wisdom.

The solution to all our problems, even disease, is for more of us to be willing to embrace change.   Dare to be different.  Be courageous enough to change our lifestyle.  Be willing to speak out and perhaps be unpopular.

Metaphors Explained

I write about my paintings and what I “see” as “the message”.  As I mentioned before, I don’t even know what “message” I am being guided to create in imagery.  Most of the time, I am intuitively led, in a non-verbal way.  I paint feelings, or images that I think will provoke emotions that can power the embrace of a better way to live.

On this blog, you will see images of my paintings with blogs to explain what they mean to me.  I invite you to share what they mean to you.

Safe Haven (3)
“Safe Haven” painting by Sage